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Chapter 2: Bat Wings and Metalbenders

Formatting's weird...meh.

A waiter approached Fabi with her iced coffee and placed it on her table. Fabi thanked him and began to sip the cold liquid, her dark blue eyes following a man who was across the street from her. His name was Dalet, a known assassin that had escaped from a prison in Prague. She watched as he approached a Chinese restaurant and discreetly showed a card of some kind to the hostess. Her eyes narrowed. The hostess led him to the back and he slipped into the back room.

Standing up, Fabi made a mental note of the restaurant's name. She paid for her coffee and left the café, strolling down the street in her shorts and t-shirt. Her phone rang.


"Fabi! It's me, Eldritch! I heard you were in Perth," a bright voice answered.

Fabi smiled. "Yeah, I'm in Perth. I'm actually in Northbridge, walking down James Street."

"James Street? Me too!" Eld squealed through the phone, and Fabi saw a tall girl wearing a long coat at the end of the street, tearing through the crowd. Her frizzy hair was flying, and the hand that didn't hold the phone was covered in purple, black, and grey striped fingerless glove. Definitely Eld, she thought.

Fabi braced for the impact and Eld tackled her, taking them both down. A bemused passerby sidestepped the collision and shook his head. Fabi and Eld lay laughing in the street.


"Yes, Eld?"

"It's good to see you."

They grinned at each other and stood up, starting to walk in the direction Eld had come from. Fabi put up her disheveled hair in a bun as they talked, rearranging the multitude of bobby pins that were intertwined in her hair.

"Is this your first time in the city?" Eld asked.

"Yeah," Fabi replied. "I was just…checking something out."

Eld raised an eyebrow. "Another criminal loose? Where do you parents think you are?"

Fabi nodded. "Yeah, another one. Supposedly I'm on a two month school trip in Europe."

Eld smiled so wide it looked like she was about to swallow her head. "Two months? Will you stay here?"

Fabi considered it, chewing her lip. It didn't look like Dalet was going anywhere, and besides, she could use a holiday. "Affirmative."

Eld squealed again and began dragging Fabi to the bus stop and began to babble excitedly.


Eld led Fabi up a set of stairs in a small apartment building. Thankfully, Eld offered to let her stay in her apartment with her roommate, whom she had never met. They walked up to the top floor, and Eld unlocked a light blue door that looked like it had been hand-painted.

"Sorry the mess," Eld mumbled. "It's her fault."

They entered the apartment and Fabi looked around. The walls had been painted a light beige, which gave the apartment a warm feeling, and the sunlight streamed through the large windows that covered all the walls. It was a small apartment, but it's high ceilings gave the impression of space. Eld took Fabi's bag from her and searched for a place to put it. Eventually she gave up and gave it back, shrugging.

Eld beamed at her. "Let's go on a tour!" Fabi was promptly yanked around by the hand into different rooms.

"Living room! Kitchen! Bathroom!" Eld listed as she opened various doors. "And this is my bedroom."

Fabi peeked in. It was messy in a charming way, with a low bed and a fuzzy rug. An assortment of different scarves hung on a rack in the corner, and books lined the walls in cleverly built bookcases. Eld took off her coat, and Fabi grinned.

She had almost forgot about Eld's wings. They were bat's wings, protruding from her shoulder blades, with a dark purple colour that sometimes looked black, and a wingspan that was over two metres long. When they were folded, the reached all the way down her back. She did a good job of concealing them.

"What about your roommate?"

Eld smiled. "Right, forgot about that." She led Fabi back into living room and began to climb a winding metal staircase that she somehow hadn't noticed. 

"It's like a little attic," Eld explained. Eld opened the door and stepped inside. Fabi followed, and looked around in wonder. The room was much smaller than all the others, and had a skylight that looked up at the blue sky. The floor was wooden, and every centimetre of it was covered in papers, pencils, and paintbrushes. The walls were covered with sketches and paintings, and at the centre of it all, sleeping on the floor, was a girl. She was small, and looked like a child.

Eld nudged the girl with her foot. The girl mumbled in her sleep and turned over. Eld pushed her with her foot again, smiling. Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes and grabbed a handful of crooked pencils, pointing them at Eld threateningly.

"Oh! It's just you," the girl panted. She put the pencils down and stood up.

Eld gave her a careless smile and shrugged. "Fabi, meet Dau Sketch, my roommate. Dau, this is Fabi. She's staying in Perth for a while, so I said she could stay here."

Dau stuck out her hand, but then seemed to change her mind and pulled Fabi in for a hug. "She'll need a bed, right?" Without waiting for a reply, Dau left the room with one of the crooked pencils and her sketchbook. Fabi followed Dau to Eld's room, where Eld was beginning to clear a large space next to her bed. Dau looked her up and down.

"Why is everyone so tall?" Dau muttered, shaking her head. Eld smirked and rested her elbow on Dau's head as she sketched. 

Fabi gave up trying to figure out what sketches had to do with carpentry, and instead flopped onto Eld's bed. Dau finished the sketch and brought over the pad to Fabi.

"Does that look okay?" Dau asked.

Fabi looked at it. A roughly sketched bed frame. Next to it was a rectangular shaped box next to it with rounded corners, which Fabi took to be the mattress. She nodded. 

Eld sat down next to her and Dau stood near at the edge of the clearing with her sketchbook. She touched the sketch, which glowed, and Fabi jerked back as the crooked bed frame materialised in the clearing. Moments later, the mattress fell on it clumsily. 

"Dau," Eld scolded, "how many times have I asked you to use rulers?"

"There was a crooked sorceress," Dau half-sung, "with crooked furniture, who lived in a crooked house…"

"That's all right, I got this," Fabi said. She got on her knees and touched the frame, smiling. Metal. Concentrating, she laid a hand on the frame and closed her eyes. She could feel it twisting under her palm, shifting and straightening out. She looked at the frame and grinned.

"See?" Dau said to Eld. "Who needs rulers?"

Eld punched Dau playfully and scowled at her.


Fabi covered the last of her pillows and set it down on her bed. She made the bed neatly, tucking the blanket in at the end, like her mother used to when she was little. She sat down, tucking her legs underneath her, and pulled out her phone, turning it in her hands. Her fingers were restless, aching to dial, wanting to call. Mom and Dad. She dialled and put the phone to her ear, listening to it ring. Pick up. There was a click, and she held her breath. Her mother's voice.

"Hi, this is the Cavendish house. We're not home right now, please leave a message after the beep." There was a small beep, and then silence. She cut off the call softly, and gently clutched the phone to her chest, swallowing the bitterness in her mouth. Her parents were usually not home. They were never home

Dau and Eld were in the kitchen, supposed to making dinner. Fabi watched the scene, amused. A red-cheeked Eld fumbled through a variety of cookbooks, while Dau threw assorted ingredients in a pot with a kind of childish gleefulness that told Fabi she had no idea what she was doing. Eld looked over her shoulder and glowered at Dau.

"Oi! Do you have any idea what you're doing?"

Dau nodded convincingly. "Yeah, of course. I'm just throwing in some…" she consulted a tin full of white powder. "Some baking powder."

"Are we baking, Dau?" Eld asked exasperatedly, and swiftly took over control of the pot. Dau glared at her and went to sulk next to the spices.

Fabi entered the kitchen carefully. "How's it going, guys?"

Eld gave her a radiant smile and laughed. "Oh, just fine! We're almost done." Dau made faces behind Eld's back, and Fabi resisted the urge to laugh. Eld grabbed a spoon and scooped some of the mixture out of the pot. "Here, try some."

Dau's eyes widened and she made throat-slitting motions. Fabi smiled weakly at the spoon, and nibbled at the brown concoction. Immediately she gagged and went to the sink to rinse her mouth.

"Vile. Absolutely vile." she wheezed, her head in the sink.

"It'll pass," Dau said from her corner. "We've all been there."

Eld patted her back. "There, there," she added unhelpfully. She glanced at Dau. "Maybe we should order some pizza."

Fabi moaned. "I hate both of you."

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Chapter 1: Dresses and Ties - Dau

I HAVE WRITTEN! Be proud of me :) This is how it's going to work: chapters will be written from different perspectives, but always in third person. This chapter is written from Dau's perspective, aaand that's all I'm going to say. My brain is bursting with inspiration! P.S. If you don't like the way that you've been written in, tell me and I'll try to fix it :)

        Dau looked around nervously. Needless to say, the black darkness that was seeping out of the sky was slightly unsettling.

        "Dau?" Derek looked pale.

        She hesitated. "Yes?"

        "There is black stuff seeping out of the sky."

        "I noticed that."

        "Good. I just thought you might like to know. So you can, you know, do something."

        She swallowed. "Well, you see, there's a bit of a problem," she said quietly. "When I got transported here, I didn't have my pencils with me."

        She saw Derek pause. Slowly, he looked at her. "Pencils. You need…pencils." He continued to stare.

        "Yes, Derek, I need pencils," Dau answered defensively. "It's my power. I make drawings come to life."

        Her explanation was obviously lost on Derek. She sighed, exasperated. It didn't matter now, anyways. The darkness was coming closer to them, winding down from the sky like serpentine shadows. Somewhere, the troll roared.

        "What would you prefer, Derek, being eaten by a troll or being killed by black shadow vines?"

        "You're asking me my preferred choice of death?" he asked, horrified. "Oh god, this is it, isn't it, I'm going to die."

        "I think the troll would be a quite pathetic death," Dau mused. "Shadows would be cooler."

        "Shadows are cooler," a voice remarked. Dau and Derek spun around.

        A tall girl with long, dark hair stood next to a good-looking man. They both wore black, and they smiled.

        "I'm Arratay Shadows," the girl explained, "And this is my brother, Susurrus Ayer. And we're here to save you."

        Susurrus and Arratay joined hands with Derek and Dau, and in one second, they had teleported into a small, warm room.

        Derek fell on the floor. "Oh god, I think I'm going to be sick," he moaned. He curled up into a foetal position.

        Susurrus smiled. "That's what happens when you cross realities, Derek." Derek continued to moan.

        Dau studied Arratay closely. She wore black clothes that Dau recognised. Definitely Bespoke.

        "So, proper introductions," Arratay said brightly. "I'm Arratay, as you know, but you can call me Arra." Dau shook her hand awkwardly and smiled.

        "I'm Dau. Dau Sketch. Thanks for saving us, by the way. How did you find us?"

        "No problem," Susurrus replied. "When you and Derek transported through to that alternate reality, you left a hole. We saw it, decided to save you guys."

        Arratay nodded. "Long story."

        Dau peered outside the window. "Where are we?"

        Arratay opened the curtains and the light flooded through. It was about late afternoon, from the looks of it, but it was a sunny day. The skyline was unfamiliar, filled with tall buildings that Dau didn't recognise. "Welcome to New York. This is our flat, by the way."

        Dau stared. "New York?" She was in a different continent.

        "You're a long way from home, from the looks of it," Susurrus remarked. "It's fine, we can take you back."

        Dau nodded. She had guessed that Susurrus was a teleporter. As for Arratay, she couldn't tell. "Have you been to Perth?" she asked.

        Arratay thought. "Yeah, once, but only in um, what's it?" She gesticulated randomly. "Kings Park, that's it. Do you live close to there?"

        Dau nodded again. "Yeah, that'd be grand, thanks."


        Dau looked at the heap on the floor and sighed. "I'll drop him off at the Sanctuary, I guess. He's not supposed to be here, you know."

        Arratay smiled. "I was wondering what a mortal was doing in an alternate dimension," she said, "Is there an explanation for that?"

        "I still haven't figured it out," Dau admitted. She thought back to hours ago. She had been sitting at her desk, and suddenly she had been transported to the field. And then Derek had turned up in the wedding dress. She frowned. She hadn't realised that maybe it wasn't Derek who had transported her there. And then there was the troll, and the black shadows. What was going on?


        She looked up, still frowning. Susurrus had Derek slung over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes, not seeming to suffer under his weight. Arratay held out her hand, and Dau took it.


        Dau looked around. They were standing in the shade of tall trees, surrounded by the warmth of the sunshine. The sound of laughter and conversation floated over to the group, and the smell of barbecued meat followed. A gentle breeze tousled her hair and she smiled. Perth had always been her favourite city.

        They dragged Derek over to the side of a restroom, and Dau approached the brick wall, scanning its surface. She tapped one of the bricks twice. To the regular passerby, nothing happened. But Dau could feel the magic pulsing underneath her palm, rising off the wall like steam.

        "Right, we'd better be off," Arratay announced cheerfully. "I'm getting hungry, and it's late." She looked around, confused. "It's morning here."

        Dau laughed. "The time difference is about thirteen hours, you know."

        Arratay smiled. "Right. Little buggers, those time zones, always confusing me." Arratay suddenly lunged forward, engulfing Dau in a bone-crushing hug. "I like you, Dau. I'm glad I saved you."

        Dau blinked, surprised. "I'm glad you saved me, too."

        Arratay stepped back and grinned. Susurrus nodded at her and they joined hands.

        "Arratay - I mean Arra, wait," Dau stuttered, blushing. "Thanks. Really, thanks for saving my life."

        "No problem, Dau," Arra replied casually. "See you around!" Susurrus gave a final wave and they vanished.

        Still smiling, Dau turned around to Derek. She glowered at him, grabbed the collar of his shirt, and started yanking him through the brick wall, and into the Australian Sanctuary.

        On the other side, she collapsed. She had to drag Derek through the entire corridor, all the time while Cleavers stood guarding the hallway. If they didn't have helmets on, they would definitely have had amused expressions. Amused expressions and annoying, smug smiles. Dau had silently declared Cleavers her nemesis.

        Now she lay on the floor, panting. The perplexed Administrator approached the pair with trepidation. Dau rolled over, groaning, and lifted her Sanctuary pass. The Administrator peered at it, and finally nodded. "Can I get you somebody?" he asked.

        Dau nodded. "Can you get me Duck?" she asked. "The Minister for - "

        "I know who Mr. Taasp is," he interrupted. "Do you have an appointment?"

        She glared at him from her place on the floor. "Do I look like I have an appointment?"

        He did not look amused. "I will notify Mr. Taasp of your presence, but I cannot guarantee anything, with this short notice," he replied stiffly. "Understood?"

        She scowled at him. She was often treated like a child because of her height and her looks. "I'm not a child," she said. "I've been here longer than you have."

        He gave her a look and stalked off. Dau smiled sweetly and closed her eyes.


        Dau opened her eyes. She recognised the laughter coming down the corridor. Standing up, she grinned as Duck walked up to her.

        "Dau! How long has it been?" Duck smiled.

        "Just a month," Dau replied, and laughed, looking at Duck's clothes. "What's with your clothes?" she questioned.

        Duck pouted. "They made me wear a tie. A tie, for God's sake. Something about having to look good since I'm a representative for the Sanctuary and all."

        "The Minister for Foreign Affairs is an extremely important job," the Administrator said in his whiny voice. Duck's eyes were beginning to glaze over, and Dau suspected that this wasn't the first time he had heard this speech. "One who holds such a respected position should embody the responsibilities of his or her job through a formal dress code, as he or she is the representative for all of Australia when he or she meets with the other representatives of other nations." The Administrator finished and smiled triumphantly.

        Duck applauded loudly. "Very good, very good," he praised. "Someone's been a good boy!"

        The Administrator looked insulted, and finally walked away.

        Dau laughed and shook her head. "Are you allowed to do that?" she asked.

        "Of course," Duck said. "Being a representative of Australia and all, I voice the opinion of the people, and…other things like that." He nodded. "What can I do for you today?"

        Dau gestured to Derek, who was beginning to wake up. Duck's eyes widened, and his jaw dropped.

        "Is that Derek Landy?" he sputtered. "The Derek Landy, the only mortal who's allowed interact with the magical community?"

        "That's the one," Dau replied. "Somehow, he and I went dimension-hopping. Ended up being chased by a troll, you know." Dau suspected that the wedding dress wasn't helping with the explanation, either.

        Duck frowned. "Someone else did this," he murmured. "Someone else teleported you two there." He looked at her. "Anyways, I'd better contact the Irish Sanctuary, get someone to take him back. Does he normally wear dresses?"

        Dau shook her head and laughed again.

        "Right, I guess that's a no," Duck said. "You heading off, then? Need anything?"

        "Ah no, my place is close to here, I'll just walk. Can you handle him?"

        Duck raised an eyebrow. "I am the Minister for Foreign Affairs, you know. I'm trained to do this kind of thing. I think. Job description didn't mention wedding dresses, though." He began to trail off.

        Dau waved. "See you later, Duck."

        "Mr. Taasp," the Administrator corrected from behind his desk.

        Duck smirked at Dau and she glared at him. She skipped out of the Sanctuary and back into the sunshine.

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Okay. Okay.

I'm finally starting to get the bigger picture of what this story is and what's it going to be about, and stuff stuff.

Okay. [organises thoughts in head]

It will be, at times, humorous, while very dramatic. There will be plot twists, there will be excitement, there will be, yes, incredibly SAD bits because I'm a Moffat-In-Training (DARN YOU MOFFAT) and so I will kill off characters now and again [nobody we know, of course]!

Ah yes, that brings me to my next point. I have decided who's coming with me! Characters in this story will be:

  • me
  • Derek
  • Arratay
  • Fabi
  • Eld
I think that that's the most I can write in [first time doing this, haha] but if you want to join, I could probably handle one more character :)

Okaaaay. yay! so that's where I'm at.

The next couple of posts will be 'introductions' to each of us! 

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Coming Sooon!

Ehehe, sorry I haven't been posting recently. Don't worry, I haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth. I'm simply, tying my shoelace. While watching Doctor Who. And drawing. 


I'll get back to writing SOOOON, I promise. Soon. 

Sorry. Again. 


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Chapter Two! [or whatever, next part of the story!]

Dau cursed as she stumbled on the muddy grass, throwing out her hands to steady her. She stopped abruptly and glanced behind.

"Derek! Get up!"

Derek was on his back, his dress torn and smeared with dirt. He seemed to be focusing intently on something in the sky.

Derek pointed straight up, his finger trembling. Dau raised her eyes.

"What the hell is that?" he shrieked.

Dau stood still, mouth agape. Derek continued to shriek. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, a voice was yelling at her to run.

"Troll," she mumbled incoherently.

Derek propped himself up on one elbow. "What?"

Dau struggled to make sense of the word. "Troll," she said again.

Derek stared at her, confused. Slowly, he began to nod to some unheard beat. "Yes," he muttered, "we were being chased by a troll."

They stared at each other. "Troll," they said in unison. Somewhere, they heard roaring. They looked at each other silently.

Minutes later, they were running side by side. The troll's roaring was becoming louder, and when Dau looked back, she could see him running on the horizon. That's not a good sign, she thought.

Neither was the black darkness that was beginning to seep out of the sky.

The place that they were running through was prairie-like. No trees, no bushes, no rocks, nothing. No cover. Dau tried to convince herself that the troll was friendly. Maybe it was lonely. Dau peeked behind her. Not likely.

Suddenly, a loud boom filled the air around them. They stopped and fell awkwardly to their knees, covering their ears. Again and again, the boom sounded. It filled the air and somehow got inside them, filling their bodies with a low thud.

Dau and Derek craned their necks, peering at the sky.

"Oh hell."

P.S. I may start adding in people, if you don't want to be added, just tell me! :)

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Chapter 1

It was a hot day. Dau walked off the bus and went to the door. She raised her hand and reached for the handle and-

Everything flickered. She clutched her chest, aching, and the door disappeared.

"Damn it."

She blinked and then everything went dark. It was nighttime, and the clouds covered the moon.

Dau sighed.

"Derek? It's not funny."

Dau walked around the empty field that seemed to strech on forever.

"Derek, I know that I asked you on Twitter to shunt me to another dimension for exams, but I meant before. I'm already done with them."

There was no reply. Dau sat down on the grassy hill and waited.

Hours had already passed. Dau picked off green blades of grass, and watched as the wind stirred the entire landscape, flittering like wings.

"Okay, I admit it. Derek, I know that I sent you a billion tweets. And you were so nice to reply. But I don't deserve this punishment."

Dau's mind drifted as she talked to herself.

"I don't regret doing it, you know. Tweeting you, I mean. This is worth every reply."

Dau closed her eyes and began humming.


When Dau opened her eyes, it was pitch black. Her eyes strained to see in the dark, and she waited until they were adjusted.

Suddenly, she sat up. There, in the distance, was a light. A small light, flickering in the wind, but also moving, moving towards her.

Dau smiled.



Derek trudged up the hill, holding up a candle like he was the Statue of Liberty.

Dau giggled at the thought, shutting up when Derek glared at her. He collapsed on the grass and sat next to her in silence.

"So," Dau began, "what's with the -"

"Do. Not. Ask. About. The Dress." Derek growled.

Dau struggled to keep a straight face.

"To be honest, it's a nice dress," she stuttered, "it's white, and flowy, and..." she trailed off.

Derek glared at her.

"I look like a princess."

"So," Dau said, "how are we getting back?"

Derek's back was turned to her. He stayed silent.


She walked over so she could see his face. His lips were pressed together and his eyes, popping out of his head, were looking around furitively.

"We are getting out of here," Dau frowned, "right?"

Derek's mouth moved around in useless circles. He gesticulated vaguely and made various sounds that he thought were convincing.

Dau glared at him.

"You see," Derek explained, "there's been a bit of a snafu."

Dau remained expressionless.

"I didn't actually mean for either of us to end up here. There was a bit of a misunderstanding..." Derek trailed off.

Derek hung his head.


The wind whipped across her face. Dau was sprinting, running away from the beast.

"Dau, wait for me!" Derek shouted.

Dau slowed down, but didn't stop.

"Derek, take off those heels! You look bloody ridiculous running in them!"

Derek fought to catch up.

"Do you have any idea how much these shoes cost? These are real leather!" Derek panted.

Derek's shoes caught on the hem of his dress and he stumbled, rolling down the hill like a bowling ball.

"For the love of God," Dau muttered.


This is a blog by Dau Sketch about how Derek nearly got married to a troll.

And if you're wondering, yes, that is actually Derek in a wedding dress: