Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Chapter 1

It was a hot day. Dau walked off the bus and went to the door. She raised her hand and reached for the handle and-

Everything flickered. She clutched her chest, aching, and the door disappeared.

"Damn it."

She blinked and then everything went dark. It was nighttime, and the clouds covered the moon.

Dau sighed.

"Derek? It's not funny."

Dau walked around the empty field that seemed to strech on forever.

"Derek, I know that I asked you on Twitter to shunt me to another dimension for exams, but I meant before. I'm already done with them."

There was no reply. Dau sat down on the grassy hill and waited.

Hours had already passed. Dau picked off green blades of grass, and watched as the wind stirred the entire landscape, flittering like wings.

"Okay, I admit it. Derek, I know that I sent you a billion tweets. And you were so nice to reply. But I don't deserve this punishment."

Dau's mind drifted as she talked to herself.

"I don't regret doing it, you know. Tweeting you, I mean. This is worth every reply."

Dau closed her eyes and began humming.


When Dau opened her eyes, it was pitch black. Her eyes strained to see in the dark, and she waited until they were adjusted.

Suddenly, she sat up. There, in the distance, was a light. A small light, flickering in the wind, but also moving, moving towards her.

Dau smiled.



Derek trudged up the hill, holding up a candle like he was the Statue of Liberty.

Dau giggled at the thought, shutting up when Derek glared at her. He collapsed on the grass and sat next to her in silence.

"So," Dau began, "what's with the -"

"Do. Not. Ask. About. The Dress." Derek growled.

Dau struggled to keep a straight face.

"To be honest, it's a nice dress," she stuttered, "it's white, and flowy, and..." she trailed off.

Derek glared at her.

"I look like a princess."

"So," Dau said, "how are we getting back?"

Derek's back was turned to her. He stayed silent.


She walked over so she could see his face. His lips were pressed together and his eyes, popping out of his head, were looking around furitively.

"We are getting out of here," Dau frowned, "right?"

Derek's mouth moved around in useless circles. He gesticulated vaguely and made various sounds that he thought were convincing.

Dau glared at him.

"You see," Derek explained, "there's been a bit of a snafu."

Dau remained expressionless.

"I didn't actually mean for either of us to end up here. There was a bit of a misunderstanding..." Derek trailed off.

Derek hung his head.


The wind whipped across her face. Dau was sprinting, running away from the beast.

"Dau, wait for me!" Derek shouted.

Dau slowed down, but didn't stop.

"Derek, take off those heels! You look bloody ridiculous running in them!"

Derek fought to catch up.

"Do you have any idea how much these shoes cost? These are real leather!" Derek panted.

Derek's shoes caught on the hem of his dress and he stumbled, rolling down the hill like a bowling ball.

"For the love of God," Dau muttered.

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