Thursday, 20 March 2014

Chapter 4 - The Insomniac

This chapter is not that great, sorry! I needed an exposition chapter :/

Duck Taasp, the Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Australian Sanctuary based in Perth, Western Australia, glared at the motionless, wedding-dress-clad body at his feet, and grumbled.
Today is not my day, he growled silently. Despite the unexpected visit from Dau, which he had enjoyed, the recent pressing issues crawled into his head and turned his stomach. He shifted uncomfortably and tried to shake off the weight of weariness.
Not to mention the dreams, of course. He had lately retreated to his bed each night only to be confronted by a relentless fear - a lingering fear that tainted his tongue in the morning, and seemed to sit with him through the day. And a fear of what? Petty nightmares? He bit his cheek in frustration. 

Insomnia was a friend he wished would sleep at other peoples' houses.

He motioned for a pair of Cleavers to assist him with Mr. Landy. Silently they each grabbed a meaty arm, and as they pulled him along the corridor in perfect unison, a pungent odour wafted and diffused through the air. Duck internally gagged and attempted to keep from swallowing his tongue. For once, he considered the Cleavers’ helmets. They were probably smell-proof.
A loud bang followed by the Administrator’s high-pitched whine came from the doorways. Visitors, Duck thought joyfully. Striding through the corridor came two sombre men dressed in Elemental robes.
Irish Sanctuary, Duck thought unhappily. They had arrived to transport Mr. Landy back.
Attempting to muster what resembled a mangled smile, Duck approached the two men. They both outstretched their hands and Duck fumbled as he tried to both shake them at the same time.
It occurred to him that he was still smiling, and he lessened the effect. His face turned grave as he spotted the blue flowered vase that had always flanked the entrance.
“What did you do that for? Don’t you people ever knock? Or do you find an uncontrollable urge to smash everything in your way?” he cried.
The taller man raised his eyebrow. “I thought you would have appreciated my punctuality.”
Duck narrowed his eyes. “Punctuality was appreciated. Vase was not.” He turned and motioned to his office.

* * *

With Derek on his way back to Ireland, all that was left was to discuss the recent matters with the Irish officials. He settled into his big chair as the men squirmed in their padded sofa.
“As you are well aware, Mr. Landy and an earlier sorceress of Australian nationality were transported to another dimension earlier,” Duck began.
“That is yet to be confirmed,” the official interrupted. He ignored Duck’s glare and continued. “However, if this is true, this may be the beginning of a situation getting out of hand.”
“Already, sorcerers of every Sanctuary are reported strange occurrences. Mysterious disappearances, attacks, even some reporting strange dreams.”
Duck felt a chill down his spine. He poured another cup of tea and leaned back into his chair.


  1. Oooooh, strange dreams that are probably very not good for my character.
    Wonderful writing, by the way, Dau.

    1. Haha, I've got sinister(ish) plans ahead!

      Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear that! :)